International Companion

 If you got a business function or vacation coming up and don't want to arrive alone... turn your potentially boring business events and a lonely trip into something more stimulating and enjoyable. Take the possibility of the secret destination, one of your unforgettable vacation.


Usually, I don't schedule to make special city tours out of Russia myself. I like to travel and you have the opportunity to meet with me by inviting me to you. 




You might ask how can I invite you and what your conditions?



 Information and my consideration:  



  • For travel to you, I'll need return tickets, deposit amount as a sign of your seriousness and consider that our date confirmed (deposit does not tickets! its a part of expected present).


My donations may be depending on where I traveling. I accept this via money order Western Union/ Paypal or other transfers. From my side, I guarantee honesty and great interest to meet you in reality. I've done preparation for the traveling to Europe, my international passport, and visa's ready. I may travel internationally for a night or day appointment with minimum advance notice one day if you able quickly confirm the booking. 



one day or night or less (min) - 1000euro

*weekend         1600euro




Down payment    30%



In some cases, I need additional expenses, such as a taxi or a visa (if it's not Schengen).

The accommodation on a trip is a hotel. I travel from Moscow, Russia, from any airport: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. 

*I may travel without deposit only to well know repeated client or I may agree to travel without prior prepayment only with first, business class tickets for both ways.




    Depends on location, I'll need advance notice for our romance together, where you would like I join you. Please, note that some countries I required the visa what is mean you need to contact me at least 2 weeks before.        




The first step to our holiday:




  • Please, try to provide me with the necessary information about yourself.


To send me an invitation to join you please complete the international travel request by email or phone/ App from my contact page.

I love to receive letters, please take your time completing the form and try to provide me lots of information about yourself and the time you would like to spend with me.


Must include information:


-- Your name, age ( you may send me a photo of you if you wish), where are you from.

-- Where would you like I travel to, appointment city.

-- When and how long

-- Hotel address

-- If you have the idea of our activity)( traveling to another city...etc ).

-- Intimacy preference




The  second step to our holiday:




Once I get travel request with the necessary information to have imagination about, I can confirm the possibilities. I usually answer during the day. If everything suits us, we can continue with a short interactive meeting by WhatsApp or Skype. I consider the appointment done when you finish the booking by sending me down payment present. Before that, I am not available to start my preparation.





The third step to our holiday:



 Our meeting day has arrived. I am going to the airport. Send you selfie from there. See you soon!




If you are serious and chose the date and place, I would be happy to receive your invitation. International travel you may upon prior request.

Each meeting is an individual. I make A Special Service For Special People (By Appointment Only)  



Enjoy your trips with me.